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Title: Initiation Part Eleven
Author: fuck_this_place
Summary: "You're amazing..." Joel mumbled, sucking on Matt's neck softly. "So amazing..."

Tara sat on the bed with her bad leg stretched out, watching as Matt and Joel's tongues entwined, their hands held tightly in the others, and Joel's legs wrapped around Matt's waist. Matt moved slowly until they were over beside Tara, he leaned over and kissed her softly, resting his hand on her pussy and rubbing it gently as he and Joel kissed.

Her eyes fixated on their tongues, Tara moaned quietly as Matt's hand moved, his other hand stroking Joel's hard cock slowly. Joel groaned quietly as his cock started to coat in pre-come, his eyes locking with Matt's when they broke the kiss.

"You're amazing..." Joel mumbled, sucking on Matt's neck softly. "So amazing..."

Matt ran a hand through Joel's hair, smiling, then realising that he'd get a hickey. "D-Don't... Tony'll kick all our asses..." he stammered. Joel groaned and pulled away from Matt, turning his gaze to Tara, as did Matt.

She was sitting with her legs spread wide, and one hand rubbing her hard nipple. Matt took hold of her wrist gently and sucked on her nipple, moaning loudly as he sucked. Joel was rubbing his ass subtly, and moving his hands up to his back every now and then, his cock then replacing his hand.

Joel moved away from Matt's ass slowly, sitting back slightly and watching Matt and Tara as they kissed. Matt had his arms around Tara, careful to avoid any bruises she had, and their tongues were pushing onto each other's, but they didnt seem to care. Matt pushed Tara's tongue back into her mouth and moved his tongue around to the bottom of her mouth, nibbling softly on her bottom lip. As he kissed, her he pushed a finger inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. Tara used her hand to rub Matt's cock gently, not enough to make him even moan - Just enough to tease.

Matt reached over and started to caress Joel's back, slow circular movements that drove him crazy, each thrust making him closer to the edge.

Tara spread her legs as far as she could given the restraint of the heavy cast and took Matt's free hand, guiding it down towards her most sensitive spot, holding onto Matt's hand until he was moving in a motion she liked, the sensations coursing through her veins and making every hair on her body stand on end.

"So mean..." he mumbled into the kiss, thrusting up against her hand. Tara moved her hand a bit faster, and in a moment where Matt was moaning, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, exploring it as if for the first time. Moaning louder, Matt pushed another finger inside her.

Gripping his cock with one hand, Joel pumped slowly, moaning as he moved it. Tara gazed over at Joel for a moment, stopping the kiss.

"Fuck me." she mouthed to him. Joel, not one to turn invitations like that down, scrambled forward and reached over the side of the bed, finding a condom in Matt's pants pocket. He pulled it on carefully, smiling as she and Matt returned to making out. Joel, being careful not to put too much weight on the cast on her leg, pushed himself into Tara slowly, drawing a long moan from her throat.

Matt moved away, making sure that Tara still had her hand on his cock and was pumping it gently, slowly coating it in pre-come. Joel looked down at Tara, his eyes searching her body, and then staring into her eyes. His breath matched hers - Shallow and slower than normal, as he thrusted slowly into her, pulling out, and then moving slowly back in.

"Harder..." Matt mumbled pleadingly.

Joel made his thrusts faster, his lips covering Tara's as they started to kiss, muffling the uncontrollable moans that crept from their throats. Tara's hand moved faster and faster as Joel's thrusts got faster.

"Matthew!" Matt's mother called out. "Your cousin's here!"

"Doing homework!" Matt called out. "It's photography! So tell him to play the playstation for a while!" he lied, gazing over to make sure his door was locked. Tara giggled at Matt's lie, and Joel smirked at Matt, kissing him once before moving back to Tara.

There was a knock on the door and Matt put a finger to his lips as Tony called out from behind the door. "I need to talk to you, man!"

"Homework, Tone!" Matt replied. "Seriously! If I don't get this done and pass it I get kicked out!"

"Fine. But you better be glad I didn't catch you with them!" he told Matt before walking back downstairs.

"That was close..." Matt mumbled, kissing Tara, and then Joel. "And so am I..." he nodded towards his cock. It was dripping pre-come. Tara pumped fast and hard, and Joel's thrusts followed that pace. Matt came with a loud groan, and Joel soon followed, his groan muffled as he sucked on Matt's nipple. Tara, sent over the edge by the events before her, came hard, her eyes closing as she did.

Joel smiled as he pulled out of Tara, looking up at Matt. "I say we get a camera out and do your photography work, Matt." he suggested.

Matt nodded and climbed out of the bed, pulling some clothes on and opening the window. He quickly pulled his camera out and took a photo of Tara and Joel. Tara was leaning on Joel, and he had his arms around her, kissing her neck softly.

"And before I get my ass kicked for nude photography... Get some clothes on." he laughed. Joel put his clothes back on before helping Tara with hers, and Matt started taking photos of the random writing people had put on Tara's casts.

Joel fixed the bed up and then sat down on the chair near the desk, turning it backwards and leaning on the backrest with his arms crossed as he watched Matt take the photos. Matt unlocked the door and returned to taking photos.

Tony opened the door. "Got y-! Oh..." he paused. "You're not... But I swear you were... I'll get you next time." he mumbled, storming out and slamming the door.

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