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Title: Simply The Best
Author: fuck_this_place
Summary: He longed to watch the eyeliner so well applied to his eyes smear as he cried out for Tony to fuck him harder. Harder.
Note: Christmas present for maddenlover

Tony leaned up against the wall of the bedroom and licked his dry lips. His eyes moving up and down Benji's body, exploring the tattoos that covered it and the many piercings that he longed to suck on, to nibble on, to feel grazing his skin. He moved his eyes down, letting out a slight whimper as he noticed something he hadn't seen before.

"You like?" Benji asked, flicking the piercing on the top of his erect cock lightly.

Nodding, Tony rubbed his eyes in disbelief before moving his gaze to David. So innocently dirty, so perfectly messy. He had the perfect hair that Tony wanted to mess up, to run his hands through as he moaned David's name. He longed to watch the eyeliner so well applied to his eyes smear as he cried out for Tony to fuck him harder. Harder.

David stood up and walked over to Tony, leaning down and taking the bottom of Tony's shirt in his hands. He started to pull it up, as he did, he kissed the small bits of skin he revealed, stopping for a moment to suck on the nipple ring that had taunted him all night, as though all he could think about was that one object, and the moment his mouth would touch it, feel the cold metal on his lips, and the hardness of Tony's nipple as he did.

Tony let out a small whimper as David let his teeth sink lightly into his nipple before moving up a bit more, his tongue tracing the tattoos that formed a collage of all that Tony was. David finally pulled the shirt over Tony's head, but didn't stop kissing him. He sucked on Tony's neck hard, leaving a mark as he moved to his ear.

Suddenly, Tony took hold of David's shoulders and pushed him up against the wall, smirking deviously as he grabbed David's groin. David squeaked, staring at Tony pleadingly. Tony let go and took a step back, taking another look at his body before turning his attention to Benji.

Benji moved his hand away from his cock and cleaned the pre-come off on the bed. Tony straddled Benji and nibbled at the lip ring in the middle of his bottom lip, taking hold of his cock and pumping it in a painfully slow motion. He wrapped his legs around Benji and smiled as he used his spare hand to tease Benji's nipples, making them hard and then flicking them hard, as well. Every time he flicked them, Benji would squeak at the small but sharp pain that was sent into his body.

A moan ripped from David's throat as he stroked his cock, eyes wide as he watched Benji and Tony. Tony turned his attention to David, turning around, but staying on Benji's lap. Tony smiled as he made eye contact with David, pumping at the same speed David was, and as David sped up, so did he.

Feeling left out, Benji wrapped his arms around Tony, kissing his neck and pulling him back a bit so his cock was pushed into him. Tony cried out at the sudden sensation, and Benji moaned loudly, still sucking on Tony's neck.

"A-Asshole..." Tony grunted as Benji thrusted into him hard and fast, not allowing time for Tony to get used to it. Benji turned Tony's head a bit and kissed him hard, their tongues roughly fighting for control. Tony's objections turned into moans and pleas for more.

David walked forward and kneeled down in front of Tony, his tongue flicking out of his mouth and tasting the pre-come that was dripping from the head of his cock. Tony moaned loudly, pushing his hips forward a bit pleadingly. David took hold of Tony's hand and kissed it lightly, then pulled his index finger into his mouth and sucked on it for a moment before moving to let his hot breath sail over Tony's cock.

"D-Do it..." Tony begged between moans. David sucked on the tip lightly, moving his mouth further over. Tony ran his hands through David's hair, moaning as he felt Benji come hard inside him, but he couldn't hear Benji's cry through the crys of pleasure his body was sending crashing through him, blurring his vision and making his vocal chords take over, letting out gutteral moans every few moments.

"Must be good..." Benji mused, sucking on Tony's neck harder, his eyes resting on David as he moved around, Tony's hands ruining the small mo-hawk David had. Tony cried out as he came hard in David's mouth. David pulled his mouth away, the come dripping sensually from his mouth. His tongue flicked out and caught it before it went further than his lip ring.

David looked up at Tony and smirked. "You taste good..." he kissed Tony softly, his tongue flickering over Tony's lips and leaving some of his juices on there. "Very good..."

Tony got off Benji and sat down beside him, leaving David on his knees in front of him with an aching erection. Benji took David's hand and pulled him up and onto his lap, nibbling on his ear lobe before whispering. "Jerk off for us..."

Walking quickly across the room, Tony picked up their video camera as David sat down on the lounge, pumping his cock slowly, his speed increasing second by second as his lust took over. Tony moved closer, sitting half a metre away with the camera held up. David moaned softly as his eyes rolled back, his lips apart slightly as he panted, trying to catch his breath. He cried out as he came, the come spilling over the lounge and forward, landing a few drops on the camera.

David slid off the lounge and leaned forward, using his thumb to wipe the come off the camera. He licked his thumb slowly, sticking it fully in his mouth and dragging it out. "Mmm... I should go... Pierre and I were going out on a date tonight..." he smirked, pulling his clothes back on and walking out.
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