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Title: Initiation Part Twelve
Author: fuck_this_place

Tony sat down outside the school, sighing as he held his head in his hands. He had just said his goodbyes to Benji that morning, and watched as the car he was in drove away to the airport. The police had made a deal that Benji would move away for a year, and they couldn't have any contact at all.

"Never thought a Lovato could be heartbroken..." Tara commented as she walked out of the school building, leaning against the wall and smirking at Tony.

"Fuck you." Tony snapped, glaring at her. "I'm not afraid to hurt you. So you better watch your mouth." he told her,

Tara sat down beside him and looked up at him, a small smile creeping onto her lips. "You know, if you didn't spend so much time trying to be tough, you might actually be cute." she smiled and walked away again, towards the girls toilets.

"You know, Matt wants Joel! Not you!" Tony called out to her.

Ignoring Tony's comment, Tara kept on walking. She walked into the toilets and stared at the sight before her. Matt and Joel were in one of the stalls, making out and fumbling with each others clothes.

"I don't care about her..." Matt mumbled into the kiss. "I just want you... You and me..."

Tara blinked a few times before running out of there. Tony saw her running and stood up, standing in front of her and pulling her into his arms. He looked down at her as she struggled against him. He pulled her over to where he had been sitting.

"C'mon," he pulled her onto his lap and smiled when she wrapped her legs around his waist. "I may be a dickhead, but I've been hurt by Matt before, too. He always goes back to Joel... Just remember that." he stroked her cheek as a tear trickled down it. "They're coming..." he whispered to her, but made it look like he was nibbling on her earlobe.

"What the fuck, Tara?" Matt asked, looking hurt.

Tony put his hands at either side of her head and kissed her gently, pulling his hands away and putting them around her waist as their tongues found their way into the kiss. Matt stared blankly before taking Joel's hand and walking away.

"Protection!" Tony called out to them as they went around the corner.

Tara giggled and looked at Tony. "Wait... What am I doing... With you...?" she questioned. Tony shrugged and kept his arms around her waist.

"'Cause I'm cute and lovable and cuddly?" he grinned innocently at her. Tara leaned in and kissed him again for a moment. Tony paused. "And kissable, too!"

Kissing him again, Tara wrapped her arms around him, for that moment not caring about what had happened before, she just wanted someone around her. "Hey, Tony?" she asked quietly. He looked at her and she smiled. "Next time I might give you consent to handcuff me." she told him before climbing off his lap. She kept hold of his hand until she couldn't keep hold any more, putting it in her pocket as she walked back into the building.

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