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Title: Personal Whore Part Two
Author: Tamara Corine Taylor
Summary: “You know your mine.” He whispered before falling into a deep sleep.

He stared at her as she worked, before moving back to him she walked over and talked to one of the other guys that was there. As she walked back he noticed something about her that was more innocent than any other girls there. Her eyes weren’t the sort of eyes you’d expect a whore to have, they were full of fear more than anything, even though that didn’t show in the way she acted.

“You’re pretty, you know that?” he asked as she handed him his beer.

She stood there in shock for a few moments, not used to getting complimented on anything but her blowjobs. After regaining a bit of composure, she blushed and replied, “Thanks,”

“What’s your name?” he enquired, taking a large gulp of his beer.

“Trinidy,” she did a slight bow, revealing her cleavage to Tony. There was a decent amount of it.

“Nice name, too… Mines Tony.” He held his hand out to her. She shook it, her grip on his hand firm. “Nice shake, Trinidy. So when you reckon I could have some time with you?”

“In about ten minutes, for someone like you.” She winked at him before walking away to the back of the bar. “Room 18. It’s up the stairs to the left. I’ll be there soon.” She handed him a key.

Tony grinned and walked up the stairs, opening the door to reveal a dimly lit room with a curtain covering half the wall. Tony had been to enough of these places to know what was behind them – his favourite things. He pulled the curtain across and it revealed a lot of things, such as whips, leather cuffs and so much more.

He sat down on the bed that was in the room. The bed had a black fur quilt that was soft to the touch, along with a bed head that had bars on it for obvious use. Sitting down, he ran his hand along the quilt and smiled to himself. This would be fun.

A few minutes later, Trinidy came in, for a moment Tony thought he spotted a bit of nervousness on her face, but it was hidden quickly. Tony stood up and gestured for her to sit on the bed, every moment keeping his eyes on her face. Trinidy sat down obediently, lying down as Tony climbed on top of her and pushed her down, the leather cuffs dangling from his mouth. He pushed her hands up so they were near the bars, then put the cuffs around the bars. Trinidy watched his every move. She’d been lucky enough to have never had anyone be rough with her. It seemed this would be the first time. Tony put the cuffs on her.

“Test ‘em.” He whispered, his face close to hers. She tugged at the cuffs with all her strength for a few moments, then gave up when she couldn’t break them. Tony grinned and kissed her deeply, licking at her lips with his tongue. Trinidy parted her lips slightly to allow him access, once in, her started massaging her tongue and then moved to tickling the top of her mouth. She giggled softly into the kiss, and tried to push his tongue out, her tongue stud pushing gently into his tongue as she did.

After a while, Tony pulled away from the kiss and looked over Trinidy’s face. He noticed she had a few freckles and licked at them, his lip ring sliding across her skin as he did. Her skin felt soft to his touch, as if she was still a virgin. He smiled at her.

“You’d look a lot better without that make-up,” he stated softly, nibbling her ear.

“Maybe,” she replied, equally as quiet. “But I can’t exactly take it off, can I?” she smiled at him.

As she smiled, he kissed her softly on the lips and then slid down to her pants, tugging them down to reveal black panties. He grinned and pulled them down with his teeth. He then walked over to the wall and pulled a leather blindfold off the wall, it had a padlock on the back so it would stay done up. He walked over to her and put in on her as she squirmed.

“Never done kinky before, eh?” he whispered, leaning near her ear as he took his pants off slowly, letting them drop to the floor. He then took his boxers off and hovered over her, so his hugely erect penis was right near her mouth. He lowered it so it touched her lips softly. “Think you can get it?” he asked. “If you do, I’ll let your arms go.” He pushed it closer, then pulled it back. Trinidy leant up slightly and managed to catch it in her mouth. Tony grinned to himself before leaning forward so it went in further. “Make it good,” he kissed her hand. She started her work, running her tongue around and around, the stud in it touching ever so softly with its cold metal. Tony moaned and pushed it further in, causing her to instinctively work harder and faster. She went faster and faster, her tongue moving to his tip, and then working back to the balls. Tony soon came in her mouth, watching her swallow. She didn’t have any disgust on her face, which was common for most girls.

He undid the cuffs and pulled her so she was sitting up, still blindfolded. Once she was up, he picked the whip he’d placed on the bedside table up and wrapped his arms around her, running the metal tip of the whip along her back and causing her to push herself closer to him in a mix of shock and fear.

“So adorably innocent,” he whispered in her left ear before pushing her back down and rolling her over. “Now get on all fours, my innocent little bitch…” he ordered, climbing off her and walking over to the wall to grab a leash. He pulled it off the wall. The collar on it was made out of tiny jewels laced together, and the actual leash was white leather. He walked back over and clipped it around her neck, pulling the leash back with strong force. Trinidy jerked backwards at the shock. Tony grinned, kissing her neck before putting the cuffs back on her hands.

“Trapped.” He stated, running the whip along her back and ass. “All mine for as long as I please.”

“It’ll cost more for the longer time…” she whimpered, her voice dripping with nerves. Tony snickered.

“I’ve got the money. And don’t speak. Hmm…” he gazed over at the wall again, spotting a muzzle that allowed him to pull on her tongue stud whenever he wanted, he smiled, tying the end of the leash to the bed post and grabbing the muzzle. “And just in case.” He put the front of the muzzle over her mouth, it parted her lips and as a small clip went into her mouth, it attached itself to her tongue stud. He clipped something at the back of her neck to hold it in place. “There we go.” He kissed her neck again.

Tony lined himself up behind her and slowly pushed into her. “You feel nice and tight.” He moaned, his hands gripping her hips as he bucked to get in further. He kissed her neck as he bucked, sucking it deeply. As he came, he bit down hard, causing her to bleed. He pulled out and lied down below her. “Even prettier when you’re vulnerable…” he kissed one of her nipples before sucking on it and watching it go hard. “Mmm…” he licked it and bucked himself up so he hit her opening. “I’m almost big again. You must be good at your job.” He ran his tip along her pubic hair before pushing himself into her out of nowhere and causing her to jerk upwards. He pulled her still handcuffed hands off the bed so she fell onto him, and then wrapped his arms around her as he bucked upwards, higher and higher.

“You know you like it.” He moaned, sucking on her nipple again. He bucked for one last time before he exploded into her and bit down on her nipple. “I think I’m done. But guess what? You’re no longer working here, you’re my private girl.” He stated, undoing the cuffs and pulling her arms around him. He then redid them. “Sleep, my little bitch.” He ordered, untying the leash from the post and tying it around his waist. “You know your mine.” He whispered before falling into a deep sleep.

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