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What does Anni have to do with Courtney Love? Well, she thinks she looks like Courtney Love when she's drunk. Yes, I, Taco, talked to Anni while she was drunk. Of course, she woke me up by calling me at 3:30am. Now I can't sleep. So, as promised to Anni, I decided to write about her on my journal!

Anni: I'm rambling... Hi!
Taco: Hi! My chair looks like a monster... It's got a cool shadow...
Anni: I don't have a monster... I want a monster... Hi monster!


Her friend passed out faster than her and she didn't want him too... Everyone say 'aw!'. She was drinking cocktails, and he gave her a beer... She drank slowly so he told her that he'd force her to take shots of vodka if she didn't finish her first beer by the time he finished his 2nd.

I got told all this.

I'm writing this so I remember it tomorrow... Since I'm half asleep...

So, lesson of this morning is that Anni is fucking hilarious when drunk. Everyone remember it. Whenever she says she's going to get drunk and you have her number - Call her!


♥ Taco
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