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Polksaladem: i wud lyk totally, and den yeh i wud liek go and mke out wiv Tny and shit n he wudb belyk sooooo gud and wud wann marry me n dat
tacortayau: lyk, i got his babies in me n stuff. cuz i sucked his c0ck'
Polksaladem: ooo dood, yeh iis that rite den dat u cud get pregnunt liek dat?
tacortayau: dUde, yeh. lyk, fo sho...
Polksaladem: krazeee
tacortayau: i got joels babez, 2
Polksaladem: euw, cuz liek yeah JoEl is Sooo guna want u
tacortayau: every1 wants me, cuz im lyk, punk rawk h0t!
Polksaladem: is lyk ur nam avrel or sumtin cos liek she rawks too n is so f*ckin pnk it hrts\m/
tacortayau: ur nam is britny, cuz ur a poZer
Polksaladem: i is not, i lik nos pier and david derosiseres n i hav s00000 kissd Benji
tacortayau: lyk, no. da onle gurl he kizzez is punk rawk gurlz
Polksaladem: i hrd he sngs boiz, dat is lyk so gros
tacortayau: den he kizzez u, rite? cuz u a boi
Polksaladem: no i not, he jus lyks me so much he cldnt help himslef
tacortayau: lyk, i g0t tnys kidz n me, duh, sUck sniznit
Polksaladem: lol I dunno if I can keep this up!!
tacortayau: lol
tacortayau: i cant either!
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