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:.trial and error.:.part two.:

Title: Trial And Error Part Two
Author: fuck_this_place
Summary: “You came, didn’t you?” Joel chastised, kneeling in front of her after picking his crop up.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Joel walked into his room again, re-securing the door after he was in. He gazed at Trinidy, who’s eyes were resting nervously on a stain sinking into the floor slowly.

“You came, didn’t you?” Joel chastised, kneeling in front of her after picking his crop up. Trinidy simply nodded, her eyes now fixed on the crop that rested in his hands. “I can leave you here all night, you know…” he told her, moving around to stand behind her. “Alternatively, I could hit you hard with this crop – So hard that you wont be able to sit down for weeks.” He skimmed the cold leather of the crop across her bare ass. “Like…” he started softly, not finishing, but instead pulling the crop back in one swift motion and slamming it back down on her ass hard.

Trinidy cried out, but it was muffled by the gag.

“Have you got any excuses for your disobedience?” Joel asked, kneeling in front of her again. Trinidy shook her head softly, her eyes dialated with lust. “Since I’m in a good mood, your punishment is to sleep beside the bed, and not on it. I’ll take the vibrator out of you, but the harness stays on and you don’t leave the room at all through the night.” Joel gently took the nipple clamps off, watching the tears run down her cheeks as the feeling returned to her tender nubs. After pulling the gag out of her mouth, Joel kissed her hard, his tongue exploring her mouth. Trinidy moaned into the kiss, and moaned once again as Joel pulled the vibrator from her dripping pussy.

When Joel pulled away from the kiss, he took hold of Trinidy’s hand and rested it on the crotch of his pants. “Willing to let me have my way with you?” he smirked.

“Anything to keep you happy, Master.” Trinidy grinned at him as he pulled her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall. He pushed himself into her quickly, going in and out with rough thrusts and hitting her prostate every time. Trinidy wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling herself closer to him. Joel let his hands move around to her ass, pushing her even further onto him.

Joel came hard and fast into her, resting a few moments before Trinidy came, moaning loudly as she did.

“You know I love you right, Pet?” he asked, kissing her softly.

“Of course I know that, Master…” she returned the kiss, smiling.

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