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Title: Stuck
Author: fuck_this_place

Taylor groaned as she woke up, rolling over to face Benji. She was well aware that she was going to have her article in late, but at that moment she didn’t care, and was in too much pain to sit up. Her back was sending waves of pain through her. She slowly started to slide out of Benji’s arms, but he tightened his grip around her.

“Fuck…” she muttered, looking down, but she then smirked. Benji had an erection, and he had started moaning quietly in his sleep. “Beeeeenji…” she whispered.

“Mmm… Just like that…” he muttered, causing her to break out in giggles. She stopped and leaned towards him, kissing him deeply and grinning as his eyes opened. “Hey…” he greeted, smiling, and then blushing as he saw his erection. “You know, with you trying not to laugh at me and all, I could cuff you again and watch you squirm.”

Covering her mouth up, Taylor looked innocently at him, shaking her head. She would keep on laughing, she knew she’d enjoy what he could do. But she had to do the article.

“Thought so…” he smirked. “But can I…? Please?” he pouted, sliding a hand towards her clit.

“Alright,” she smiled softly at him. “But I have to do this article that I was doing last night before we go out anywhere…”

Benji nodded and quickly pushed himself into her, groaning softly and kissing Taylor deeply. She moaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close to her. He thrusted in and out of her hard and fast, continuing in that rhythm until he came. As he pulled out, he smiled at her.

“Fix yourself up for me…” he looked at her poutily. “Please…? Just to amuse me…”

“But you’ll get big again…” she retorted.

Benji widened his eyes. “Please…?” he kissed her softly and grinned as she moaned again. She was in a sensitive position and he knew it.

“Just this once…” she slid her finger down to her clit, sliding a finger inside herself and moaning at the touch.

Smiling softly, Benji instinctively slid his own hand down to his cock and running his hands along it softly, at the same speed at Taylor moved her finger inside herself. They both continued, keeping to the same speed as they went. As Benji came, Taylor kissed him hard so no one but her could hear his moans. He grinned and returned the kiss, holding it until she came.

Taylor whimpered as he hugged her tightly and kissed her chest. “Stop…” she requested. “I have to do this article…” she sighed and slid out of the bed, quickly grabbing clothes and one of her own towels before running into the bathroom for a shower.

Benji rolled over and grinned to himself. He was glad he had done what he had, even though he didn’t know why he had done it. Suddenly he had an idea and quickly ran into the bathroom before Taylor could lock the door. He shut it, locked it and grinned at her.

“Please?” he asked. “I’ll just help you out, nothing more”

Taylor laughed and shook her head at him, but started turning the shower on anyway, knowing she was going to let him anyway. She stepped under the hot spray of water and watched as Benji got in after her. He picked up a loofah and some body wash and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and running the loofah over her stomach.

“How’s your back?” he queried softly as he continued rubbing her stomach. She was too distracted by him to be doing anything.

“Bit sore,” she replied. “Trust me, you’ll get it back at you one day… Just you wait…”

Benji grinned as he started washing her back gently, careful to not aggrivate the welts on it from the whip. “You tried to beat me last night, girlie… Think I’d let you win another time? It’s priceless seeing someone as strong and independent as you being so helpless and having to beg for everything you get… It’s hot.” He licked her earlobe and smiled as she moaned quietly. “See? I know how to push your buttons now, and there’s no way I’m gonna stop.”

Taylor turned around to face him. “Well, hate to break it to you, but I’m not allowed to date any of you or I lose my job, so, this was a one time thing… Not saying I don’t enjoy being on my knees in front of you and having you treat me the way you did… But, it can’t happen again…”

Benji kissed her deeply. “No one outside this bus has to know…”

Taylor sighed, looking up at him. “You have to let me get my articles done, though…”

Laughing softly, Benji kissed her again, nodding his agreement. “C’mon, let’s finish getting you cleaned up so you can call your editor and make up an excuse for not having an article ready”

“How does ‘I was having hot kinky sex with Benji Madden’ sound?” she grinned as she put a bit of shampoo in her hair.

“Good one, but slightly unbelievable. After all, why would you stoop as low as me?” he smirked.

Taylor laughed as she leaned against the shower wall to let Benji wash himself. She let her eyes wander up and down his body, her mind telling her to kiss him again, but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind and fought to keep the article she had to write at the front.

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